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Economic Ruin and Wisdom of the ages….

Posted in Corporate Greed with tags , , , , , , on November 30, 2008 by calyxo

Economic Ruin is upon us-the collective world.  The Mortgage bankers have accomplished in 8 short years what Osama Bin Laden couldn’t with half a million zealots! Good job, guys-here’s yer bonus.  You’re fired.

And now, the bill is left on the rest of the world.

The bill for *what*?  Shuffling a few pieces of paper and getting witless morons to sign on the x?

This is ludicrous, to say the least.  And now, the Gub’mint is going to bail them out.


I’ve seen the governments proposal-bail out the same guys that got us in the fix-and don’t like it a bit.

A more ingenious proposal was to take the same money and give it to the taxpayers-sort of a trickle UP economic theory. (note: this was proposed with inaccurate numbers making it much more appealing. Do the math. 750 billion divided by 300 million is only 2500/each. Not the 400k that the original theory suggested.)

My own solution?

Let ’em drown.  Let the sorry bastards drown in their own self manufactured pile of excrement they call “business”. It will create financial havoc, but in the end all will be sorted out, and the CEO’s of AIG and WAMU will be asking “paper or plastic” or “Supersize?” as they should be doing.

Find the source of these bad loans, and prosecute the initiators and managers.  Recover their assets AGGRESSIVELY (don’t let ’em put it in their wife or poodle’s name), put it in a big pool, and settle claims out of the pool.  Oh…when you prosecute them, simply throw out the rule books like they did and are still doing, so you can be on even ground.

We Americans may not all be the smartest in the world (Dubya), but one thing we DO insist on is doing the right thing.  Trust is fundamental here.  Our heritage was built on a handshake, and a mans word is his bond.  These corporations that have taken the history and heritage of American business straight to the dumpsters should be barred from ever operating in this country again!

How many more Michael Milkins will we have to suffer through before the Corporations glom onto the idea of a win-win situation?  Where is the creativity, the fires of invention, the desire to EARN the right to say “best” on the package?  These concepts (free, by the way-no overhead, no investment needed if you hire the right people), pride, stature, respect, honor-have all been swept into the dustbin of economic change.  No longer are we able to look at our banks through the beer goggles of financial responsibility, as they’ve made it perfectly clear that their interests lie solely in profits, not pride of production.  “Acceptable business losses” have gone the wayside, clearing a path for enhanced profits and cheapened product.  No longer will a business admit it’s error and “suck it up”-the cost for the errors are now passed on to the consumer resulting in an even MORE cheapened product at an even higher cost.  Anything based on Flat Rate pricing comes to mind, but I digress….

Major corporations have failed in the most fundamental of ways-trust.

We won our presidency back with Barrack Obama, now let’s win back the trust of the world in American business.

Let ’em drown.

That’s the economic nightmare I propose.  Aren’t you glad Paulsen is still up there and not me?

As for the wisdom of the ages, you must read this.

In closing, think before you invest.  Seek out your local bank, and let Citigroup sink into it’s well deserved quagmire.  Question the need for a Union before voting yes…are your employers really that bad, or is your view of the situation being skewed by an influence? Vote with your purse or wallet daily. And for glubs sake, READ the damned mortgage papers, or have them read and understood by an attorney before you sign.  There’s a reason the bank has an attorney present at closing….